Policies for Maintenance & Service

– Maintenance

You change the oil in your car and have it tuned up at regular intervals, because you know it will run more efficiently and last longer. This same principal applies to your home heating and air conditioning system. Losing heat, or air conditioning is not a pleasant prospect. While regular maintenance can’t guarantee against a breakdown, it makes the odds much less likely and provides a certain peace of mind.

With newer systems, many manufacturers require a record of regular maintenance to keep your warranties in force.

Perry Hall Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. offers specials on maintenance in the spring and fall of the year. Call our office to get up to date information on any current specials being offered.

And for the next level of protection, read on about our priority service and policies.

Our Priority Service and Maintenance policy keeps your system running safely and efficiently while also giving piece of mind should an issue arise.  Policy customers receive 7 Day Per Week Emergency Service during the Heating Season and prompt, priority service Monday thru Saturday Morning during the Air Conditioning Season.  Policy customers also do not pay the diagnostic charge on repair calls and receive an additional 20% discount on any parts and labor needed for a repair.

  COD Customer Policy Customer
Diagnostic Charge $96.00 FREE
Refrigerant Charge – Up to 3 Lbs $189.00 $151.00
Total Cost $285.00 $151.00
Policy Savings
  $134 or 47%
  COD Customer Policy Customer
Diagnostic Charge $96.00 FREE
1/2 HP Blower Motor $415.00 $332.00
Total Cost $511.00 $332.00
Policy Savings
  $179 or 35%

*Pricing accurate as of 12/15/2019 but is subject to change without notice*

For additional information or to schedule a policy inspection please contact our office at 410-256-7285