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No one wants to deal with the worry or stress that occurs when a system finally stops operating. When the time comes, as it eventually does, to replace an old system, Perry Hall Heating & Air Conditioning, Co., Inc. can be there to give a FREE ESTIMATE.

We realize that often replacing your furnace or air conditioner has not been pre-planned. When a system fails in the dead of winter or the blazing heat of summer, many customers are not prepared for this inconvenience or expense. It is our priority to make the experience of choosing and replacing your system as smooth and painless as possible.

Efficiency of operation & reliability are the main qualities we insist on, for the brands of equipment, we suggest for your home or business. We strive to help each customer find a comfortable balance between cost and quality. Good reliable models are offered by several National Brands in a range of costs, relative to the efficiency level.
As with any brand named product, you will find one company makes a better gas furnace, while another builds the best oil burner. The same applies to air conditioners and heat pumps. By not aligning our company with a single brand, Perry Hall Heating and A/C can suggest the product that best suits your application.
Warranties are another important consideration when choosing the right replacement brand of your heating and/or cooling system.

When a salesman comes to your home or business for your FREE ESTIMATE, you can be assured he has had hands on experience installing the furnace and air conditioning system he will speak to your about. Unlike what you may have experienced with other products, our salesman are technicians first and salesman second.

What about payment:
We realize that replacing your furnace or air conditioning system can be a big price item for most households. While we will be glad to accept your personal check, we also accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER in payment of your job.

For the further convenience of our customers, we can offer several options in relation to financing with approved credit. Ask your sales representative, and he will be glad to fill you in on the options available.

At different times during the year, manufacturers will offer perks, i.e.: Cash Rebates and/or Extended Factory Warranties. We are in direct contact with distributors to be sure our customers get the best deals available.

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